Morning, – Review – I am pilgrim.


I thought I would put a few reviews on here. I am a bit of a book lover, so get through loads. This one was great!

I Am Pilgrim.

This is Terry Hayes first book. He has done many jobs all over the world and it really shows. This book in its simplest terms is a terrorist – intelligence agency story and a murder inquiry. Yep, two rolled into one.

The action starts in New York, then we are off to the Middle East.

I won’t go into too much detail, but suffice to say, it is a fast paced interesting read. The 9-11 link is inspired. It is 900 pages too, and at just £3.85 for the paperback on amazon is complete value. It would be a brilliant beach read for a bloke, but would appeal to most.

I’m struggling to be critical, but some of his sentences were too long. Entire paragraphs sometimes and it made sections a bit disjointed to read

His next book is out soon, I’ll definitely buy it. (AS long as it’s £3.85!) 🙂

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